Rogue Trader: The Last Pheonix

251.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Your honour is your life. Let none dispute it.

The Lord-Captain’s party finally reach the edge of the temple complex at the heart of the ruined city to be greeted warmly by Lord-Captain Feckward and twenty of his hired-guns.

…Log Entry to be Completed

249.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Wisdom is the beginning of fear.

The Magos finally works out how to light a fire, the night after the Priest burns down a tree for being possessed by a Slaneshie demon and trying to seduce him.

246.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
The Mighty have no room for doubt

Achieved orbit above Quappa-Psi-12, being the only planet in the system despite the Mechanicus’ claim that its the 12 “Significant” orbital body from the star. A preliminary orbital survey was completed and the site of what may have been an Eldar city in ruins was located at the center of a large region of jungle. The Lord-Captain decided to fly down with a wing of fighters as escorts, artificial storms generated from the site of the city caused the landing party and their escorts to be blown well off course and crash at the edge of the northern swampy region approximately 102km from their intended destination at the heart of the ruins. Within a short time of the crash and grounding of the remaining fighter force their shuttle came under attack by a large wasp like creature of Aquilla lander proportions. After killing the creature with a combination of the lander’s on board weaponry & the Lord-Captain’s final killing shot from his plasma pistol, the Lord-Captain and his entourage set out toward the heart of the jungle on foot while the shuttle crew and fighter pilots held the crash site as a base camp and enacted repairs to the shuttle & damaged fighters.

232.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
The cosmos cries out for salvation

Arrived at the destination system which was confirmed to not be the “Dread Pearl” but rather an obscure system in the Heathen Stars listed as “Quappa-Psi”. A Strxis caravan was detected almost imediately upon exiting from the warp. A number of minor trades were entered into between the Lord-Captain, his retinue and the Stryxis representative further exchanges were interupted by the detection of an Eldar vessel entering the system. The “Bounty of Mankind” engaged and destroyed the Eldar vessel with bombers many of which were lost when the power systems cataclysmically overloaded and blew the ship. The Stryxis left soon after informing the Lord-Captain that on the planet were ruins of the Eldar & that he would well to avaoid them. Naturally he set course for the planets orbit at once.

207.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Sorrow awaits the foolhardy

25 days into the journey an ancient Mechanicus probe of strange design was recovered, attempts to gain access to core programming have so far failed returned to prior course.

182.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Seek no reward but the satisfaction of your Master!

A brief skirmish was held between the “Bounty of Mankind”, the “Fel Hand”, the “Chains of Dusk”, the “Hammer of Truth” & an unidentified Eldar raider tentitivley as an Aconite class frigate. The “Bounty of Mankind” was the defacto victor all other vessels retreeting into the warp or silent running. Warping to the co-ordinates provided by the Wytches estimated travel time 50 days of warp time.

179.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Prayer cleanses the soul, but pain cleanses the body

Attended viewing at the Seven Wytches of Footfall & come under fire from the dockside batteries as the ship departed the docks. In transit to the warp point met and brokered an alliance with Lord-Captain Sun Lee & lured Captain Able Gerrit away from his old household to take up the Xanatov Colours.

178.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Purge those who are unclean

Arrived in Furibundus System, docked with Footfall and hire a local agent to sell off the treasures of the “Righteous Path” realizing our profit. Attended formal dinner after the Lord-Captain recieved a mysterious note, killing a warp mutant at the dinner. The Lord-Captain and the Magos were able to win a position each at the viewing by the Wytches of Footfall regarding the soon to be revealed Dread Pearl.

158.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
My armour is contempt.

Arrived at the resting place of the “Righteous Path”, boarded her and defeated and killed Lady Ash. Running off Lord-Captain Hadrack Fel in the process. Looted the Wreck’s holds and treasures. Setting course back to Footfall to realize the profits of the venture.

156.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind
Leniency is a sign of weakness!

Arrived in orbit of Maragos Prime, Identified major Ork infestation & Egarian ruins. Landed distraction force to pull away main Ork forces and the Lord-Captain landed with his retinue near the entrance to the maze. He proceeded to make his way inside and after fighting off remaining Orks besieging Lady Ash and her remaining armsmen, a temporary alliance was formed with Lady Ash to recover the location of the “Righteous Path”.


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