In the grim darkness of the far future, the Imperium of Man encompasses more than a million worlds. However, only a fraction of the Imperium’s numberless citizens will ever leave the surface of their individual home planets. Rogue Traders are among those precious few who stand on the threshold of unlimited opportunity and possess the freedom to chart the course of their own destiny. The role of the Rogue Trader in the Imperium is to go beyond the borders of Imperial space to seek out new worlds to exploit, lost human civilizations to rediscover and return to the Imperial Creed, and rare resources to harvest. His authority to accomplish these feats comes from a rare and ancient warrant of trade, which has been handed down through his family for generations. The Rogue Trader’s warrant gives him almost limitless freedom and makes him practically a law unto himself—a privilege that most Imperial citizens, high or low, can only dream of. Renown and riches reward the bold, but the unwary find only anonymous deaths. A Rogue Trader who can wrest profits from a dangerous universe through luck, cunning, or sheer force of will enjoys something few humans in the 41st Millennium even know—a life of adventure and true freedom.

Such a course, however, is often fraught with peril. Foul aliens, pernicious raiders, and even other Rogue Traders stand in your way on the path to greatness. One’s wits, luck, skill, and courage will be tested to their utmost limits. To survive is to face even greater challenges—and to wield even greater power.

Ready to face this challenge is Lord-Captain Xanatov and his crew of (mostly) misfits aboard Bounty of Mankind an ancient Star Galleon once more going into the unknown reaches in search or profit, opportunity and heathens to educate at the point of a gun.

Rogue Trader: The Last Pheonix

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