Lucias Gray

Seneschal of Lord Captain Tristan Xanatov

*******ORDER OF ADMINISTRA******** ********EYES ONLY********

Lucias was brought up in the limelight of Lord Xanatov. Taught never want to be like but instead just bask in the glory of serving his own house in the pursuit of fulfilling his family job of Keeping the rouge traders of House Xanatov “Always safe, And Always secret” as the family Moto shows him every day of his life.

This has never been questioned just done, as the caring of a rogue trader is counted as being a great and fortunate job in Emperor of man. Seeing the many sights that the universe has to offer and the fortunes that come with it.

The house Gray has intense training for there children when growing up generally the eldest son is given the job of having to have 3 off spring. This is so that each child is brought up in the understanding of 1 of 3 specialties. Master of whispers, Master of Coin, And Master of trade.

Lucias was brought up as master of trade, taking away from his birth farther at the age of 10, the first 4 years of his life in the “Schola Spartiatas” This involves learning the high gothic of the Imperium, and taking specific classes in certain subjects. Lucias found himself lured towards the studies of Warrants. Knowing that were these warrants lie there is generally the Arbites Involved. This meant that he also decided to take the eruditio of the Arbites as well.

At the age of 14 the “filiorum scilicet regimine” are taking out of “Schola Spartiatas” and put aboard a menial ship of no quality to see if the sibling can uphold such scares of the warp at such a age if the test is passed in the fist couple of days and the child dose not go crazy he is MADE to stay aboard the ship for 14 years under the apprenticeship of ship seneschals and ship board lawyers whom may visit regularly.

At the age of 24 the young senechal are sent away visiting planets making connections on the specific filed or knowledge such as for Lucias markets on all sort of worlds and watching the Arbites patrol rouge ship and carry out the law of the Imperium.


Lucias Gray

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