Rogue Trader: The Last Pheonix

232.816.M41 Logbook of His Imperial Ship Bounty of Mankind

The cosmos cries out for salvation

Arrived at the destination system which was confirmed to not be the “Dread Pearl” but rather an obscure system in the Heathen Stars listed as “Quappa-Psi”. A Strxis caravan was detected almost imediately upon exiting from the warp. A number of minor trades were entered into between the Lord-Captain, his retinue and the Stryxis representative further exchanges were interupted by the detection of an Eldar vessel entering the system. The “Bounty of Mankind” engaged and destroyed the Eldar vessel with bombers many of which were lost when the power systems cataclysmically overloaded and blew the ship. The Stryxis left soon after informing the Lord-Captain that on the planet were ruins of the Eldar & that he would well to avaoid them. Naturally he set course for the planets orbit at once.


NateGray NateGray

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